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The Sanskrit word ‘Kula’ describes a group formed of its own free will; a clan and a community, a tribe of creative energy and artistic expression. Add the hedonistic, independent and non-conformist quality of ‘Play’ and you have PLAYKULA – the contemporary experts for diverse and forward thinking electronic music.

Founded by Tania Cappelluti in 2005, PLAYKULA started by representing, the then relatively unknown producer and DJ team, Pig&Dan and has since grown into a vibrant artist booking and management agency that is self-limiting in size to ensure that a greater understanding and intimacy can be developed with artists. With over 15 years experience in the electronic music industry, the agency currently represents 22 artists.

Tania’s own journey began in 1994 when she worked with Sven Vaeth and his seminal labels Eye Q Records and Harthouse. Immediately touched by this introduction to electronic music, the values Tania experienced of fun and positivity (Play) with a sense of community and mutual artistry (Kula) became the foundations that PLAYKULA would come to represent.

“It was then that electronic music and the whole life style behind it started to become a major part of my life. Music had always touched me in a very special way but electronic music took that to a whole new level”, she remembers.

Next stop for Tania was Sony Music Entertainment and seven years of working alongside, and marketing, electronic music luminaries such as Josh Wink, Grooverider or Jam & Spoon, as well more experimental and eclectic artists such as DJ Krush, Sieg Ueber Die Sonne (aka Dandy Jack and Tobias Freund) or Takkyo Ishino. In fact, attending to the needs of such a wide range of artists would allow PLAYKULA to become unique in avoiding categorization with just one genre of electronic music. PLAYKULA is a specialist in all sorts of good electronic music specialisms.

Then in Berlin 2005,  PLAYKULA was born, with first artists Pig&Dan quickly finding success with Cocoon Recordings, followed by the Italoboyz (releases on Get Physical) and other leaders of the underground such as Matt Tolfrey and Christopher Sylvester (Leftroom, Get Physical, Rekids) or Ahmet Sisman (Cocoon Rec., Slash ) for worldwide representation. PLAYKULA also enjoys exclusivity over artists like Audiofly for their interests in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Artist booking and management is only half the story though, as Tania can call on her achievements and knowledge gained from various roles to ensure whatever the angle, she’ll have it covered. For example, she was artist coordinator for the MTV Europe Awards, program director for Berlin’s Loveparade, tour manager for the succsessful Tabaluga Musical (from and with Peter Maffay),  music consultant for brands like O2, Hugo Boss or Strenesse, booking mastermind for the successful O2 World on Tour “Dance Flash” event that saw Carl Craig, Luciano and Sven Vaeth amongst others and of course, in conjunction with Patricia Weil of Wilde Bookings, there is the ‘Playkula & Wilde’ agency showcases offering good times to all at Watergate in Berlin, at Sonar in Barcelona, during the Winter Music Conference in Miami or at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

The PLAYKULA clan expanded in 2010 to include Danielle Patten.With a roster encompassing quality established producers, up and coming new talents as well as long-standing contributors to the dancefloor ethic, Danni epitomizes the hard working, professional yet playful spirit that has made the agency the success it is today, a success Tania herself recognizes:

“I have been so blessed to be able to work with such great talents, extremely beautiful people and combine my two biggest passions – music and travelling! My philosophy is to keep my agency as small as possible because we really enjoy the personal contact with all our artists. It feels really good and is the right way to go”.